SXSW, Tubi style

This past week Austin, TX was inundated with all manner of tech folks, up and coming bands, and movie makers and shakers and Tubi was in the mix with them.  We collaborated with Mappy Hour and Travel Massive for a talk with Nomadic Matt and poured up Tubi and Topo Chico's to a bunch of travel industry insiders who'd never had Tubi before!  Since we launched in Texas it's been such a fun experience introducing Tubi to people who've never had it before and this event let us interact with about 70 people who are used to traveling the world and trying new things and let them experience the ultimate in unique drinking - Tubi 60!  

Later in the week we threw a happy hour at one of Austin's most fun mixology patio's, Revelry Kitchen and Bar, and sipped on Tubi and Topo's (Tubi 60 + Topo Chico, refreshing AF), Strawberry Fields (Alana's ultra creative cocktail that blends Tubi 60 with white rum and egg whites), and the Fancy AF Mimosa (a new Austin brunch favorite, Tubi 60 + Fresh Strawberry Puree + Cava), and enjoyed some sun after a few days of rare rain in Austin.

We spent the rest of the week hitting up all of the other places serving Tubi 60 in Austin and did our best to spread Pure Happiness.  We're not sure if the bartenders at the White Horse, Star Bar, Cheer Up Charlie's, and Seller's Underground are tired of seeing our faces, but they'll be seeing a lot more of us and the new Tubi fans in Austin over the next few months.  Successful week indeed!

New York, NY - We're coming for you!

A lot of people ask us why we ended up in Texas first.  Well, simple answer is we got picked up by a distributor there first.  But don't worry, we know our fans in other parts of the country are counting the clock waiting for Tubi and we got you.  Our shipment to NY lands in late March, meaning bottles should be on the shelves on NYC retailers shortly thereafter.  We'll be listing each and every location where you can find Tubi on our Where to Buy tab.  In the meantime, if you want to be the first to get your hands on a bottle or don't live in New York state, online shipping pre-orders are now open and bottles will go out to pre-order customers first, as soon as DrinkUpNY, our online retail partner, receives their first shipment.  We'd love to hear from Tubi fans where you'd like to be able to order Tubi in NY so use our Contact Us tab to shoot us all of the bars and liquor stores you frequent and we'll make sure they stock Tubi!  Cheers!

Tubi 60 - America's newest resident!

If you're like most of our fans who discovered Tubi in Israel and carried bottle after bottle back home in your suitcase, only to carefully dole out sips to your friends to introduce them to the most interesting spirit you've ever tried...and then ran out and had no idea what to do, you're in luck!  It's been a long journey to get all of the ducks in a row to get Tubi to the US but now it is here!  (it's not easy to move booze from one country to another, turns out!)  We launched in Austin, TX in February and are now on the shelves all around town at all Spec's Wine and Spirits, several independent retailers, and a bunch of bars!  Now you can walk into a bar in America, and order that Tubi you've been craving!  See our Where to Buy tab to check out all the locations you can grab a Tubi!