People are talking about Tubi 60!

Word about Tubi 60 started out from just a few bars in Jerusalem in 2012, and Tubi spread throughout the whole of Israel by 2013.  Now the rest of the world is starting to catch on.  Check out what people have been saying about us in the links below!



Vice News Munchies!

Vice News, always with their ear to the ground for the most innovative and groundbreaking stories, did a feature on Tubi 60 in Munchies and explored the Tubi 60 phenomena in the Tel Aviv bar scene.


Jerusalem Post

One of Israel's most important outlet's for print journalism, the Jerusalem Post sat down with creator Hilal Tubi, to talk about the myth, the booze, and the legend that is Tubi 60.


The word is out and the bloggers at VinePair know what they're talking about.  Tubi's been the obsession of Israeli hipsters, cocktail taste makers, and club goers for years but Americans are starting to catch on.  Read about our obsession and your next one, Tubi 60!

Cocktail Enthusiast

This online magazine is an exploration of cocktails and spirits, mixology and drinking culture, and provides discerning readers with cocktail recipes, liquor reviews and drinking news.  Check out Tubi 60's review below!

Timeout Israel

Timeout Israel was the first to score an interview with Hilal Tubi himself, the notoriously press-shy co-creator of Tubi 60.  He set the record straight on the rumor-mil, how this spirit came to be, and his mission to spread Pure Happiness!


Haaretz was early to the story and showcased Tubi 60 on it's podcast back when Tubi was a little known spirit starting to make a buzz in the Tel Aviv nightlife scene.  Tubi started out as an enigmatic new-comer and continues to be the most unique spirit on the shelf. Check out the podcast below!


Big World Small Girl

Austin craft beer and spirit blogger, Big World Small Girl, sat down with us in Austin, TX, our first US market to talk about how Tubi came out of nowhere to take Israel by storm and how fans demanded we bring it to the states.  Read more about the cocktails the bartenders at Seller's Underground in Austin made for us and where we plan to go from here!