Tubi 60 Cocktails

As most fans know, Tubi 60 is beautiful all on it's own, but they might not realize what a Swiss Army knife of a spirit Tubi is.  New fans often see the bottle of Tubi 60 and wonder how they can put this cloudy bottle of mystery to use.  So we'd like to illuminate you on the many ways you can enjoy your Tubi 60, from the simplest to the more innovative.  Happy mixing and always enjoy responsibly!

This gorgeous cocktail comes to us from Savannah Demy of Austin's famed Rattle Inn! The only thing we love more than the color is the taste!
Castle Greyskull Recipe_Instagram.png

Castle Grayskull

This is one of the prettiest cocktails we've ever seen! When we watched Savannah Demy of the Rattle Inn strain it into a glass the first time, the beautiful grey of this 'Castle Grayskull' was as shocking as it was delightful! The hint of Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur blends with the pale yellow of the Tubi to  create one of the most alluring and mysterious cocktails we've ever seen. The balanced sweetness of the rhubarb bitters rounds it out the flavor profile to make it as delicious as it is visually stunning. 

Alana Zanello of Revelry Bar and Kitchen in Austin, TX mixes up two Tubi 60 favorites and tells us what it's like to introduce a spirit so unique to fellow bartenders and patrons - and how Israelis started calling the bar to buy cases of Tubi once they found out it was in the US!

Tubi Continued

What can we say about this cocktail? When Alana Zanello, Beverage Director of Revelry Bar and Kitchen in Austin, TX first tasted Tubi 60, the first thing she did was whip out fresh strawberries and a bottle of cava. She muddled the strawberries, strained the juice through a seive, poured in an ounce of Tubi and topped it with cava. When we reached over to taste it, our tastebuds went nuts. It was quite simply one of the most delicious things we've ever tasted! By the next week it was on the brunch meny at Revelry's famous Sunday Funday brunch. You'll find us there whenever we're in Austin. Trust us on this, make this drink now!


The TuMaro

The TuMaro also comes to us from Alana Zanello, Beverage Director of Revelry Bar and Kitchen in Austin, TX and it's become quite the bartender's cocktail of choice on East Sixth Street in Austin. We loved that Alana went bold, boozy, and botanical with the TuMaro lightening up Lucano Amaro with Tubi's fresh citrus and ginger. This is one of our favorites and the name couldn't be more clever. Thank you Alana!

Watch Shaun Meglen of Péché Austin show you how to make the "Fresh Clippings" - one of our favorite Tubi 60 cocktails.

Fresh Clippings

Tubi 60 teamed up with some of our favorite bartenders in Austin, TX to showcase Tubi's herbaceous versatility. Our first cocktail comes to us from Shaun Meglen of Peche. When this cocktail first hit the menu of this legendary cocktail spot in Austin, the team behind the bar had a ton of fun telling Tubi newbies about Israel's most popular spirit. Their cocktail - the "Fresh Clippings" is one of our favorite ways to drink Tubi - mixed simply with muddled jalapeño, grapefruit, lime, and every Texans' favorite - Topo Chico, Tubi's flavors come out strong and you can sip this steadily throughout hot Texas summer nights. Enjoy!


The Original


As our original fans from Haifa and Jerusalem know, Tubi 60's initial fame comes from it's superiority as a chilled shot.  Fitting in perfectly to the 'chaser-im' culture of the Israeli bar scene, chilled shots of Tubi because famous for their complexity and intriguing burst of herbal and botanical magic.  We always suggest you start with the basics, so behold, the easiest and most classic way to drink the Original.


- 1 oz. chilled Tubi 60 (preferably ice cold)

- shot glass

Pour and shoot!


Tubi and Topo

Tubi 60's herbal blend of citrus, ginger, and other spices mean it has all the ingredients neccessary to be a cocktail in and of itself.  Mixed simply with sparkling water, tonic, or mineral water, Tubi 60's herbaceousness opens up and creates a refreshing cocktail that can be relaxingly consumed over the course of several hours, refreshing the drinker without fatiguing them with overt sweetness.  And with only 3 ingredients, one of them being ice, there's no simpler way to enjoy the night or the day.

1.5 oz. Tubi 60

2 oz. Top Chico Sparkling Mineral Water 


Highball glass

Combine and enjoy


Sparkling Tubi

Like Tubi?  Like Mimosas?  Tubi 60 has some news for you?  Tubi and champagne are best friends.  Next time you see an open bottle of champagne, grab your Tubi 60 out of the fridge and add an ounce.  You'll thank us!  Now on brunch menus near you!


- 1 oz Tubi 60

- 3 oz sparkling wine

- Champagne flute


Combine and enjoy

Strawberry Fields

Creamy and fresh, this Austin invention is a perfect sip for a sunny afternoon or post dinner drink.

- 1.5 oz Tubi 60

- 1 oz Premium Gin

- Splash strawberry syrup

- Egg white

- Champagne Saucer

Add ingredients to cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously until egg whites are foamed.  Strain into glass and enjoy

Tel Aviv Mule

Tubi is full of ginger but you can never have enough.  Ginger beer makes the perfect pairing for Tubi on a hot summer night.  Add springs of herbs to freshen the bouquet when you're sipping.

- 2 oz Tubi 60

- 2 oz Ginger Beer

- Crushed Ice

- Herbs for garnish

- Copper Mug

Combine and enjoy!




Tiki Tubi

Crisp and citrusy, this beachy concoction uses Tubi's botanical essences and coconut to transport you to tropical latitudes.

- 1.5 oz Tubi

- 1 oz White Rum

- .5 oz Coconut Cream

- Tiki Glass

Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously.  Strain into tiki glass and add garnish.

Dill Tickle

Made by the expert bartenders at 1919 in San Antonio, a dill garnish brings out additional herbal notes on the bouquet.

- 1.5 oz Tubi

- 1 oz Gin

- Sugar syrup

- Sparkling water

- Highball glass

Combine ingredients in cocktail vase with ice and stir.  Fill highball with ice and strain cocktail into glass.  Garnish with dill spear.




Thé Verte

Tubi's garden of herbs and spices and a dash of chartruese and absinthe transport you to the Belle Epoc in a recipe from our friends at Seller's Underground in Austin, TX.

- 2 oz Tubi

- .5 oz Chartruese

- .5 oz Absinthe

Combine in cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously.  Strain into glass and enjoy.

Frozen Tubi

It's always summer somewhere and whether you have your own margarita machine or not, this icy concoction that helped Tubi to Tel Aviv bar fame at Kuli Alma is a must for anyone trying to escape the heat.  Best of all, Tubi is the main star so you get the full Tubi effect.

(Recipe is for one blender full)

- 1/2 bottle Tubi

- 2 oz sugar syrup

- 3 cups mineral water

- Ice

Fill blender with ice and add sugar syrup, Tubi and water.  Blend until smooth and pour into glass.