Help spread Tubi 60 in the USA!

Tubi 60 fans who follow our Instagram and Facebook pages know that we finally crossed the ocean and were able to ship the first ever shipment of Tubi outside of Israel and it has landed in the US!  Now we're up against a challenge.  While loyal Tubi fans are counting the days until they can get a bottle without carrying one home in their suitcase from Israel, most people in the US have never heard of Tubi.  That includes the distributors, bars, and liquor store owners we need in order to get those bottles into your hands!  Please help us spead the word about Tubi by voting in the poll below to tell us which state you want to buy Tubi in!  Then comment below and tell us  why you love Tubi!  We can't wait to get these bottles into your hands but we need your help by spreading the word and making your voice count!  Tell your friends!

Where do you want to be able to buy Tubi?